The readiness Of Private Palestinian Universities Towards The Digital Transformation

Dr. Tarek Abu Hjayyer (2020) The readiness Of Private Palestinian Universities Towards The Digital Transformation , Administrative And Financial Sciences .

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The research targeted  the readiness of local private Palestinian Universities towards the digital transformation. The researchers used the descriptive analytical approach, and the questionnaire was adopted as a tool to collect information. A stratified random sample method was used with accordance to the targeted University, where (170) questionnaires were distributed, and (110) questionnaires valid for analysis were obtained at a rate of recovery of approximately 65%.The research demonstrated  several results, the most important of which are: There is a significant approval rate of 81.52% to support senior management of digital transformation, and with a lower percentage for the field of strategic directions appropriate for digital transformation by 78.82% while the field of technical infrastructure availability for digital transformation came with a rate of 77.88%, The field of administrative environment And the appropriate financial for digital transformation by 76.20%,The human and organizational resources needed for digital transformation by 74.97%, as it was found that there are statistically significant differences between the mean scores for the individuals of the study sample attributed to (age, job), while there are no significant differences A statistic between the mean scores for the estimate of the individuals of the study sample attributed to (gender, educational qualification, experience, university).One of the most important research outcomes recommendations was: Working to provide all the factors that support the readiness of Palestinian universities towards digital transformation, with a focus on providing the administrative and financial environment in addition to qualifying the human and organizational resources necessary for the success of the transformation process.

KeyWords : Digital Transformation / Palestinian Private Universities
Auther: Dr. Tarek Abu Hjayyer
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Administrative And Financial Sciences
Magazine : مؤتمر تكنولوجيا المعلومات والأعمال 2020- جامعة غزة وجامعةUTM
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Date Deposited : 19 January, 2023
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