The issue of Arabized, generated , and colloquial terms

Dr.Seham Abou ALAMRAIN (2016) The issue of Arabized, generated , and colloquial terms , Education .

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The issue of Arabized, generated , and  colloquial terms has been  an old phenomenon that attracted the attention of both  linguists and grammarians so much that they devoted  many works for it.  Besides , those concerned with Arabic language and its techniques  have extensively and deeply explored this issue and identified the new structures and connotations  up to the present day. Recently, scientists and linguists have revived and employed many of the ancient words  because they need their meanings  to cope  with  the necessities  imposed  by technological advancements . Of these linguists  is Mohammad Aladnani, the Palestinian philologist , who strove  to revive the language and brought it back to life; because he realized the importance of language to the nation's identity. Moreover, he believes that linguistic glory is not  less valuable than political glory for  a developing  nation. The research aims to clarify Aladnani's stance toward the Arabized , generated , and vernacular vocabulary in his two lexicons of  Common lexical Errors and The Contemporary Linguistic Errors  and his views on this issue. Additionally , the research attempts to uncover his approach in this respect

KeyWords : generated , and colloquial terms - Mohammad Aladnani
Auther: Dr.Seham Abou ALAMRAIN
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Education
Magazine : مجلة مجمع اللغة العربية
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Date Deposited : 19 January, 2023
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