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Dr. Ahmed M Hamad (2027) 11 months ago
"Deliberating of the Constitutional Supremacy from the Legal and Judicial Perspective with Special Reference to the Palestinian Situation" (Artical) (Law)

The system of government considers constitutional supremacy in which the freedom of the legislature of parliamentary supremacy relinquishes to the requirements of a constitution. This article examines the constitutional supremacy of basic law from the legal and judicial perspective, particularly . . . read more

samia abd menam (2027) 10 months ago
Emotional intelligence and its role in promoting work ethics: a field study on tourism in the governorates of the Gaza Strip (monograph) (Administrative And Financial Sciences)

The study aimed to identify role emotional intelligence on the work ethic the author in the Gaza Strip and to identify the nature of the relationship and the impact of emotional intelligence on the work ethic, which has been tested-on, and distributed to (124) of the workers in the touris . . . read more