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Dr.Seham Abou ALAMRAIN (2015) 11 months ago
place and its significance in two novels, The curtains of darkness and knights of liberty (monograph) (Education)


The research aims to study the most important distinguishing features in Palestinian captivity literature through studying the novelist place and its significance in two novels, The curtains of darkness by Walid Hodali and knights of liberty by Hisham Abed El-Razik which had em . . . read more

samia abd menam (2015) 10 months ago
Performance Efficiency of University Education from Students Perspective (monograph) (Administrative And Financial Sciences)

The study aims to identify the efficiency of the university education performance from the perspective of postgraduate and undergraduate students in international and Palestinia . . . read more

Dr.Seham Abou ALAMRAIN (2015) 10 months ago
The Problematic of the Critical Term in Modern Narrative Studies (monograph) (Education)




This study highlights the problematic of the narrative term ، which suffered from a massive disruption ، a lack of accuracy and ambiguity ، this thing causes chaos that contradict with the methodology of the literary criticism . Desp . . . read more

Tawfiq abdelaziz mohammed abu jarad (2015) 9 months ago
The Role of News’ websites’ Journalists in the Agenda building of Citizenship issues in Palestine (monograph) (Communication Sciences And Languages)


The study aims to identify Palestinian news websites communicator role in the issues of citize . . . read more