The Tragedies of Nation

Dr.Abdel- jalil Sarsour (2001) The Tragedies of Nation , Education .

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This study is a humble attempt to discover the fact of the poet through this long poem, which glitteringly glides to be one of long and great ones. It is also a serious attempt to dive in the depth of the meanings, touching at the same time its background which may wing in most of its aims to something of symbolism wrapped with cynical cocoons and sometimes with painful propaganda. So the poet touched deeply the problem of the Arabian human, being along with the tragedies of his nation in a lucid and cynical way. The study is distributed into six parts namely: Glare of defeat, reality and mask, fall of masks, illusion, petrol's dumb riddle and priceless Jerusalem. We tried, through our effortless action, to prove that the relationship is very close, stable and tangled among all of these parts to formalize at the end a comprehensive technical weave tinted with color of sadness, wet with tears of bereaved and widow women in …



KeyWords : Tragedies of Nation - Omar Shalayel
Auther: Dr.Abdel- jalil Sarsour
Item Type : Artical
Subject : Education
Magazine : مجلة جامعة الأقصى
Depositing User: : أ.د. عبد الجليل حسن صرصور
Date Deposited : 12 April, 2023
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