Gaza University digital repository


It is a repository dedicated to preserving, retrieving, organizing, indexing and making digital assets available to academics, researchers and students. Gaza University digital repository contains various works, books, publications, scientific papers, master's theses, digital learning resources, dissertations, research reports, photographs, and others. It also contains a variety of electronic scientific materials such as articles from open access journals. The Repository Publications Website is a service that allows open and free access to research outputs within the university. All the materials published in the website of Gaza University digital repository for research and academic papers are available for free on the Internet. According to the instructions of the university administration, the electronic publishing processes for the academic community come as one of the means that help increase digital reach and monitor the research inside the university.



Copyright information

All material deposited here is a collection of papers archived online.

Submission of material to this repository will not alter or affect the original material's intellectual property or copyrights.