A Case of the Deal of the Century in Al-Mezan

Emad Hamdouna (2023) A Case of the Deal of the Century in Al-Mezan , Communication Sciences And Languages .

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The aim of this project is to translate the text for an English-speaking newspaper (The Guardian) ,a British daily newspaper, which was founded in 1821. First, The Guardian is chosen because it is reported to be the most-read of the quality newsbrands’ in the UK. In our context, the intended readership is native speakers of English in the UK who resist any translation offering and creating a pro-Israeli narrative. The readership is expected to demonstrate a thorough and detailed knowledge of the Arab-Israeli conflict, with a main focus on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but does not have any specialist expertise in the issues being explored.

This projectis of three chaptres.  Chapter One outlines an introduction and a background of the project as well as the target readership. Chapter Two reviews the relevant literature with an emphasis on the following questions: What is translation? What are translation problems and difficulties encountered in the translation of politics-related texts? What are translation strategies used? What are translation decisions made by the researcher/ translator? Chapter Three presents the translation of the political text in question.

KeyWords : Deal of the Century-Political Aspect-The 18 th Palestinian Government - Challenges-Palestinian Parties
Auther: Emad Hamdouna
Item Type : Other
Subject : Communication Sciences And Languages
Magazine : صفقة القرن في الميزان
Depositing User: : أ. عماد موسي ابراهيم حمدونة
Date Deposited : 15 January, 2023
Last Modified : 17 January, 2023