The Legal Responsibility for the Public Legal Person in the Palestinian Law An Analytical Study

Dr. Ahmed M Hamad (2020) The Legal Responsibility for the Public Legal Person in the Palestinian Law An Analytical Study , Law .

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The existence of a legal person in private law was earlier than in public law, but with the increasing importance of his contact with all branches of law. The public legal person appeared alongside his private counterpart, and the public legal person became great importance in public law beyond his importance in private law. The importance of this research is highlighted in clarifying the concept of the public legal person in Palestinian law and determine its opponents. A wide juristic controversy has arisen over the nature of this legal person, is it real or just an assumption, that is, the problematic in the nature of the public legal person and his criminal responsibility in legal terms, and the authority of the legislator towards it, and whether the Palestinian Basic Law of 2003 organized the public legal person or not in its texts? The framework for addressing the subject matter of this research. The researcher will follow the descriptive analytical approach to the opinions of jurists and legal texts in the Palestinian Law. Among the most important results that the researcher reached is that the legal person within the scope of the administrative law means the public legal person, and this is confirmed by the Palestinian High Court of Justice in all its decisions. The public legal person is distinguished by the public legal personality. The researcher recommended the Palestinian legislator to provide for the criminal responsibility of the public legal person, in a clear and explicit manner, .because the text on this is not clear .

KeyWords : Keywords: the public legal person, the nature of the legal person, the authority of the Palestinian legislator towards the general legal person, the components of the legal person
Auther: Dr. Ahmed M Hamad
Item Type : Artical
Subject : Law
Magazine : المجلة العالمية للبحوث العلمية المتعددة التخصصات
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Date Deposited : 14 January, 2023
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