Hashtag of Palestine 2016

Mohammedwesam Amer (2016) Hashtag of Palestine 2016 , Communication Sciences And Languages .

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In its first chapter, the report presents statistics on network connectivity and the use of social media among Palestinians, whether in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, or the 1948 lands. In the second chapter, the report presents a number of hashtags that garnered the most interaction for the year 2016, based on an analysis of the reports and media materials that were received about them, whether they were news, reports, or videos. In addition, the report presents the most important media campaigns organized with the aim of protesting several issues, including the practices of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians, and the measures taken by the “Facebook” company to monitor Palestinian content, in addition to the demand for the liberation of prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli prisons, and other issues. related to women or normalization. The third chapter deals with the violation of digital rights in Palestine, whether by the Israeli authorities or the Palestinian security services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In the chapter, the topic is discussed through two axes, the first is the arrests
which were carried out against the Palestinians due to the published content on social media platforms. The second axis presents Israel's new strategy to control and narrow the digital space in front of the Palestinians.


KeyWords : Palestine, Hashtags, Social Media
Auther: Mohammedwesam Amer
Item Type : Artical
Subject : Communication Sciences And Languages
Magazine : المركز العربي لتطوير الإعلام الاجتماعي
Depositing User: : د. محمد وسام عبد العزيز عامر
Date Deposited : 10 January, 2023
Last Modified : 15 January, 2023