The Palestinian Issue in the New Media and the Structure of Media Discourse

Mohammedwesam Amer (2022) The Palestinian Issue in the New Media and the Structure of Media Discourse , Communication Sciences And Languages .

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This book examines the relationship between new media and the structure of media discourse and their effects on the Palestinian issue by presenting 13 different original studies. This book also seeks to monitor the transformations of media work on the Palestinian issue in light of the Corona virus pandemic and normalization with "Israel". This scientific book aims mainly to:

  • Identify the nature of the new media work and show its practices and effects in addressing the constants and aspects of the Palestinian issue at the local, regional and international levels.
  • Uncover the forms of media materials that talk about the Palestinian issue and ways to develop it in light of the changes in cyberspace.
  • Identify the role of the impact of social networking sites in supporting the Palestinian cause.
  • Analyzing the linguistic discourse and its impact on forming a public opinion towards the Palestinian issue.

The topics of the book are centred on: 

  • the new media treatment of the Palestinian cause
  • the interactive discourse and the Palestinian cause

It is hoped that this book will be a starting point for other academic and research works on the themee of media and the Palestinian issue in general.

KeyWords : Palestinian Media, Media Discourse, Discourse Structure
Auther: Mohammedwesam Amer
Item Type : Book
Subject : Communication Sciences And Languages
Magazine : المركز الديمقراطي العربي، برلين، ألمانيا
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Date Deposited : 10 January, 2023
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