Digital Public Relations Strategies in Shaping The Mental Image of Telecommunications Companies in Palestine

AHMED M. A. BARAKA (2022) Digital Public Relations Strategies in Shaping The Mental Image of Telecommunications Companies in Palestine , Deanship Of Graduate Studies And Scientific Research .

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The study aims at identifying the communicative strategies used in digital public relations for developing the mental image of communication companies in Palestine. In this descriptive study, the researcher employs the study of analyzing content and partial survey to an intentional sample of 28 pages for each company, namely the total number 84 pages from the Facebook of three communication companies in Palestine: Palestinian communication company, cellular communication company (Jawwal) and Oredoo company. The researcher also uses the tool of content analysis and interview. The study is based on the excellence theory and the communicative models, in public relations. This study has been applied to Palestine in Gaza.

The study has reached the following important findings:

  1. The excellent and illustrated texts are the most important components of a mental image. Jawwal company has got 76.7% and Oredoo company has 68%, whereas Palestinian communication company obtains 44.3%.
  2. The media and communication strategy has taken the first rank, Jawwal company has obtained 20.5% and Palestinian communication company has got 19.2%, whereas Oredoo company reaches 16.8%. The dialogue strategy has taken the second rank with 16.8% for Oredoo company, whereas Palestinian communication company has reached 15.4% and Jawwal company gets 13.7%.
  3. It has been obvious that the most important types of a mental image used in the Facebook of communication companies include relational and mirror images. However, three communication companies use double forms in their posts via Facebook pages.

The research has come to the following recommendations:

  1. The necessity of laying down long – term strategies by public relations officers in the Palestinian communication companies.
  2. Variety of communicative activities and programs as well as advertising campaigns to communicate with the audience via social media sites.
  3. Communication companies should be characterized by objectivity, transparency and credibility in the process of releasing information within the digital content in electronic publications and digital task of public relations.
  4. The necessity of formulating strategies serving the digital public relations in light of technological progress related to means of communication for communicating with the public within an interactive digital content.



KeyWords : Digital Public Relations Strategies
Item Type : Thesis
Subject : Deanship Of Graduate Studies And Scientific Research
Magazine : عمادة الدراسات العليا
Depositing User: : أ. شيرين عبد الله عبد اللطيف حمد
Date Deposited : 18 December, 2022
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