Drinking water crisis in the Gaza Strip

Mu'tasim Maher Fares (2023) Drinking water crisis in the Gaza Strip , Deanship Of Graduate Studies And Scientific Research .

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The drinking water crisis in the Gaza Strip is considered one of the most pressing issues facing its population, especially given the region's highest population growth rate in the world. This crisis stems from the diminishing sources through which safe drinking water used to be provided, primarily due to a decline in groundwater levels caused by decreased rainfall resulting from global climate change. This has led to the intrusion of seawater into the groundwater, rendering it unsuitable for consumption. The Israeli occupation's actions in seizing the vital water sources for the Gaza Strip, including groundwater and streams, and preventing their access, have further exacerbated and intensified the water crisis. All of these resources are now under Israeli control, leading to a severe shortage of drinking water for the people of Gaza. The Israeli occupation is the main cause of the water crisis in Palestine, particularly in the Gaza Strip. This is despite their recognition of Palestinian water rights in the Oslo Accords, with negotiations for their settlement to be addressed in a final agreement. This paper aims to shed light on the reality of drinking water and its sources in the Gaza Strip, the existing deficiencies, and the main methods employed by the residents to meet their needs

KeyWords : Drinking- water- crisis -in the- Gaza- Strip
Auther: Mu'tasim Maher Fares
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Deanship Of Graduate Studies And Scientific Research
Magazine : عمادة الدراسات العليا
Depositing User: : أ. شيرين عبد الله عبد اللطيف حمد
Date Deposited : 13 June, 2023
Last Modified : 15 June, 2023