Fish Farming in Palestine

Ali Alian (2023) Fish Farming in Palestine , Deanship Of Graduate Studies And Scientific Research .

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Fish farming is one of the solutions available to many countries to reduce the shortage of fish stocks and meet the population's needs for fish and it is one of the solutions that Palestine has adopted to combat the Israeli blockade. Furthermore, the obstacles imposed by the Israeli army on fishermen in terms of space, equipment, and fishing capabilities, which are prohibited from entering the Gaza Strip, as the occupation considers them to be dual-use tools. In this paper, we will shed light on the challenges facing the fish farming sector in Palestine as an opportunity to provide quantities of fish in the Palestinian m

KeyWords : Fish- Farming- in-Palestine
Auther: Ali Alian
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Deanship Of Graduate Studies And Scientific Research
Magazine : عمادة الدراسات العليا
Depositing User: : أ. يوسف وسام حمدونة
Date Deposited : 12 June, 2023
Last Modified : 13 June, 2023