Challenges Facing Women in the Palestinian Job Market

nermeen saleh (2023) Challenges Facing Women in the Palestinian Job Market , Deanship Of Graduate Studies And Scientific Research .

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Working women are considered a key pillar of economic growth and social development, yet they face several challenges and difficulties in the workplace. These challenges include gender discrimination, the difficulty of balancing work and personal life, lack of social support, domestic violence, and lack of economic empowerment. Addressing these challenges requires collective efforts from governments, local communities, and private institutions through promoting supportive laws and policies for women and providing necessary support to achieve economic and social equality. Working women are essential in achieving sustainable development and positive social change in society. Women are integral members of the human community, playing a crucial role in its development and progress. Issues related to women's work, sustainable development, and their status and position have gained significant attention. Independent women's organizations and movements have emerged with the aim of revitalizing and enhancing women's role in development, adopting empowerment discourse to promote women's participation in development, work, independence, and self-reliance. However, women still face a range of obstacles that hinder their role and participation. It is important to identify these challenges and dimensions to effectively address the unhealthy work environment for w

KeyWords : Challenges -Facing -Women- in the Palestinian- Job- Market
Auther: nermeen saleh
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Deanship Of Graduate Studies And Scientific Research
Magazine : عمادة الدراسات العليا
Depositing User: : أ. يوسف وسام حمدونة
Date Deposited : 12 June, 2023
Last Modified : 13 June, 2023