A Proposed Model for Fish Market Management System (FMMS) Supported by WikiFish Mobile Application

Mohammed Shawqi Mohammed khillah (2020) A Proposed Model for Fish Market Management System (FMMS) Supported by WikiFish Mobile Application , Computer Science And Information Technology .

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Fish market in Gaza play an important role in the income of the total local market and the local GDP, and a lot of families’ income depends mainly on the fisheries sector. In the other side, local aquaculture sector also contributes to the market. A significant quantity of both aquaculture and fisheries production is exported outside Gaza to West bank. The fish auction which is held every day is monitored by the ministry of agriculture, and a broker manages the auction. The fishery sector, including catching and farm fish, from fishing to vending in the market, suffer a lot of difficulties and problems related to the supervision and monitoring because there is not a platform to automate all processes. These processes need to be controlled and monitored by a management system.
Our proposed fish market management system (FMMS) connects all stakeholders of the fish market: fishermen, ministry of aquaculture, aquaculture farms, traders, restaurants, and exporters. Moreover, the ministry of Health can record their monitoring related healthy and quality information on the system. The customer in the other side can use the WikiFish mobile application to enquire about any information related to any fish species: its source, quantities in the market, prices, types, etc. by scanning fish image; the application is supported by image processing and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) algorithms to train the system.
The system will manage the data of the fisheries sector effectively, and its impact will be obvious by improving the customer’s overall experience by better managing interactions, from sales to customer service and marketing, therefore, determine productivity, fidelity, and overall success.

KeyWords : Fish market, management system, economy, fish recognition, image processing, ANN.
Auther: Mohammed Shawqi Mohammed khillah
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Computer Science And Information Technology
Magazine : ResarchGate
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Date Deposited : 23 January, 2023
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