The Role of E-Commerce in Activating Freelancing from The Viewpoint of Academics Working in Gaza Strip

Mohammed O. S. Shaat (2020) The Role of E-Commerce in Activating Freelancing from The Viewpoint of Academics Working in Gaza Strip , Administrative And Financial Sciences .

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The search aimed to identify E-commerce and Freelancing, as well as to identify areas of Freelancing within platforms and the types of projects that are offered in the field of E-commerce, and to present the most important challenges facing electronic commerce and free work via the Internet in the Gaza Strip, and the study belongs to the descriptive analytical approach to its dependence on describing the case, using the questionnaire and 2 interview tool to collect data and information to reach correct and honest results, in addition to using an simple random sample on 30 academics working in the field of Freelancing, and the study reached the important results: The companies ’advertisements via the internet came with the highest percentage of information sources that help in achieving the purchase decision via internet by 27.1%, as the most widespread sites and visits via networks through E-commerce and Freelancing are foreign websites by 60.5%, and the study says that there is a lot of competition between Freelancers and entrepreneurs inside the platforms in order to attract more clients by 28.1%. Also, academics working in the field of Freelancing achieve their desired goals, but the time is short in practicing Freelancing, and it is from two to six hours because of their limited time and academic work pressure.

The study recommended a necessity spreading the culture of dealing with electronic commerce, among the members of society, by setting Intensive and studied programs targeting both universities and governmental and non-governmental institutions to highlight its role and importance, and increase awareness through the media of the importance of E-commerce and its effective role in activating Freelancing in Gaza Strip, and to make companies aware of the need to provide safe communication between clients, and to aware clients about the security of E-transactions so that there is credibility and safety between clients and the public.

KeyWords : E-commerce, Freelancing, Freelancers.
Auther: Mohammed O. S. Shaat
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Administrative And Financial Sciences
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Date Deposited : 20 January, 2023
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