Social Responsibility and Opportunities For Achieving Sustainable Development

Mohammed O. S. Shaat (2020) Social Responsibility and Opportunities For Achieving Sustainable Development , Administrative And Financial Sciences .

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The study aims to get to know the concept of social responsibility and sustainable development, as well as the most important principles that social responsibility underpins in achieving sustainable development opportunities, and know the effects of social responsibility on sustainable development, and the study develops to descriptive studies, and the study concluded that social responsibility is an essential partner in achieving Sustainable development, through participation in charitable work and volunteer campaigns, and through its investments that serve society and the citizen, by providing employment opportunities within appropriate professional conditions that take into account the employee and worker safety and job security, Health conditions of the profession or craft practiced by taking into account, as well as taking into account the environmental integrity of the business environment and the external environment.

The study recommends that focusing on different teaching methods to intensify programs related to educating community members on the importance of working in the areas of social responsibility and developing its role in the areas of sustainable development, and support research centers that pay attention to social responsibility and sustainable development and support conferences and forums of the local community.

KeyWords : (Social Responsibility - Sustainable Development - Opportunities)
Auther: Mohammed O. S. Shaat
Item Type : Conference /Workshop Item
Subject : Administrative And Financial Sciences
Magazine : المؤتمر العلمي الدولي الأول للعلوم الإنسانية التحديات واستراتيجيات النهوض، جامعة الانبار-العراق
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