The level of Jop satisfaction between the employees in Palestinean uuniversities in Gaza strip

نجوى نعيم درويش ابورمضان (2005) The level of Jop satisfaction between the employees in Palestinean uuniversities in Gaza strip , College Of Middle Studies .

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ABSTRACT This study aims to explore employees’ of Gaza Strip Universities attitudes toward their jobs, and then to analyze and measure their satisfaction level according to the variables such as : ( work environments , job security , relationship between supervisors & subordinates , salary & incentives ) so with respect to some independent personal variables as : (gender, age, martial status, number of kids, years of experience) and to some organizational environment variables as : (job location, nature of work) . The population of the study consisted of the academic and administrative employees who are working in Gaza Strip Universities which are : (Islamic University , Al-Azhar University , Alquds Open University and Al-Aqsa University ). The population was about (1673) employees and a random sample of (325) employees was selected which was about 20% of the main population. The research instrument which was developed by the researcher consisted of three parts: personal information, job satisfaction questions and identification of the satisfaction elements. To analyze the data of the study, frequencies, percentages, means, T-test and one-way analysis of variance were used. The level of significance was set at 0.05. A sheefe method of multiple comparison was used to follow-up investigation. The results of the study showed that the general level of job satisfaction among employees of Gaza Strip Universities was about (57.8%) , and showed that the source of their least satisfaction was “ job security “ then “ salary and incentives “ and the sources of their major satisfaction was “ work environment” . The results of the study indicated that there were no significant differences regarding to: (age, number of kids, nature of work, qualification and years of experience). Significant differences were found with regard to gender, marital status and work location. The researcher presented several P recommendations of which the most important is to reactivate the incentive system through giving more attention to the tangible and moral incentives and also improving the level of salaries , so that they full inline with the life requirements. The researcher recommended also the administrations and the concerned authorities to review up the compensation system in the universities , particularly the social insurance such as retirement , pension and stipend .Then trying to apply civil service law for the employees of these universities as it is for the employees of the other governmental organizations.

KeyWords : Job satisfaction
Auther: نجوى نعيم درويش ابورمضان
Item Type : monograph
Subject : College Of Middle Studies
Magazine : الجامعة الاسلامية
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Date Deposited : 19 January, 2023
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