Issues of Terminology and Perception of Feminist Literature

Dr.Seham Abou ALAMRAIN (2018) Issues of Terminology and Perception of Feminist Literature , Education .

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Issues of Terminology and Perception of Feminist Literature

The subject of feminist literature clashes with technical issues of literature and issues of society pertaining to creative women in a male-dominated society biased against them. This clash resulted, in the literary criticism scene, in two major issues disputed among critics and researchers. The first is the problem of terminology where there is confusion in terms referring to literature produced by women and inconsistency in the use of these terms by critics and researchers without knowledge of the major difference between them. The second issue is the male perception of women writings due to the fact that these texts often collide with the collective consciousness and brings to light what is hidden socially and cognitively, as well as the link between the categorical position of women within the patriarchal culture and the value of their creative works.

The research discusses these two issues in an attempt to standardize the terminology and identity the texts written by women from one side, and to shed a light on the social perception mechanism of creative women writings from another.

KeyWords : Terminology - Feminist Literature
Auther: Dr.Seham Abou ALAMRAIN
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Education
Magazine : العربية - مجمع الغة العربية
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Date Deposited : 19 January, 2023
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