The Problematic of the Critical Term in Modern Narrative Studies

Dr.Seham Abou ALAMRAIN (2015) The Problematic of the Critical Term in Modern Narrative Studies , Education .

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This study highlights the problematic of the narrative term ، which suffered from a massive disruption ، a lack of accuracy and ambiguity ، this thing causes chaos that contradict with the methodology of the literary criticism . Despite the strenuous efforts of the localization bodies in the Arab world to standardize the terminology ، the different about the single critical term still existent between translators ، critics and researchers، not only on the level of the Arab Orient or the Arab Maghreb or even within the same country، even to the single critic himself ، sometimes he can't resolved the issue ، there were several terms in his studies of the single concept.

 The research discussed some of the non-agreed narrative terms which provoked a debate to the translators and critics in an attempt to adjust the critical term ، by dismantling of these terms and posing the appropriate term which is compatible with its significance in its original language.


KeyWords : the Critical Term - Modern Narrative
Auther: Dr.Seham Abou ALAMRAIN
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Education
Magazine : مجلة مجمع اللغة العربية
Depositing User: : د. سهام عبد الوهاب مصطفى أبو العمرين
Date Deposited : 19 January, 2023
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