The Role of Art Education Teachers in Preserving the Palestinian Folklore "Gaza Governorate as a Model"

D. Motie Mosa Hassan Abu Jabal (2020) The Role of Art Education Teachers in Preserving the Palestinian Folklore "Gaza Governorate as a Model" , Education .

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The study aimed to identify role of art educational teachers in preserving Palestinian folklore, and the governorate of Gaza has taken a model from rest of the provinces of Palestine as the Palestinian people care about their heritage and preserve it, whether in Palestinian cities or villages, it work to maintain its presence in its daily life in one way or another, whether This heritage was verbal or actual, our heritage through generations, However, this heritage was less used with the days due to modern technology , An analytical descriptive approach has been used to study, and to form a society For a study does of "120" male and female teachers, which is total number of specialized technical educational teachers who teach in "90" government schools affiliated to Ministry of Education and Higher Education, within a scope of  Directorate of Education in eastern Gaza City, study sample consisted of "44" specialized male and female teachers who teach subjects of artistic education only, The questionnaire prepared for that was used, one of results of the study was a clear relationship between responses of art educational teachers regarding their role in preserving Palestinian folklore, from their point of view that there is a clear role for Ministry of Education in supporting and preserving folklore It was found that there was an effect of folk crafts on young people and their contribution to societal development, as it showed decline of porcelain craft in Gaza to a large extent.

KeyWords : Teachers of art education, folklore, pottery (ceramic)
Auther: D. Motie Mosa Hassan Abu Jabal
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Education
Magazine : مجلة جامعة غزة للعلوم الإنسانية والأبحاث التربوية العدد السادس
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Date Deposited : 16 January, 2023
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