Palestinian folklore and its role in preserving the Palestinian identity

D. Motie Mosa Hassan Abu Jabal (2021) Palestinian folklore and its role in preserving the Palestinian identity , Education .

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The study aimed to identify role of the Palestinian folklore in promoting the Palestinian identity, and descriptive and analytical approach was used in study, in order to describe reality of the folklore, and extent to which it strengthened Palestinian identity, and the library curriculum was used, with reference to educational literature, books, references and others.

Two types of study tools were used, namely the direct intended observation, as well as the use of the interview method, where the researcher designed an interview form specially prepared for this purpose, and study was applied in Gaza Strip as a model for the cities of Palestine or Jerusalem, and one of the most important results of study was that there is a fundamental and pivotal role for heritage. The Palestinian public in strengthening the Palestinian identity, as well as the lack of material or even moral support for owners of traditional crafts industries in Palestine, some of them reaching the point of disappearing while others are on the verge of extinction, and demands of officials and decision-makers to take decisions that support the national economy, especially in field of Palestinian folklore.

KeyWords : Folklore, role, Palestinian identity.
Auther: D. Motie Mosa Hassan Abu Jabal
Item Type : monograph
Subject : Education
Magazine : مؤتمر القدس في المشهد العربي والرواية الفلسطينية ( بحث مؤتمر علمي محكم )
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