A Case of the Deal of the Century in Al-Mezan Economic Aspects

Emad Hamdouna (2023) A Case of the Deal of the Century in Al-Mezan Economic Aspects , Communication Sciences And Languages .

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The translation of a Source Text (SL) is taken from a 2019-published book called صفقة القرن في الميزان.  It is translated as The Deal of the Century hangs in the Balance which is part of "The Path to Independence" series issued by the "Palestinian Center for Documentation and Information." This book is written after the first part of the “Palestinian Files” which address the Palestinian refugee issues in Lebanon and the outcomes of the two sessions (29 & 30) of the Central Council, while second part completes the coverage of the most important stations of the Palestinian arena in the period between the second half-year of 2018 to the Autumn of 2019, by two files. This book is divided into three chapters; the first chapter is going to be translated from page 15 to 31

As a central part of the translation process, the translation of the text is for a UK-based, English-speaking newspaper (The Guardian); it was founded in 1821.  The main reason for choosing The Guardian is because it is the most trusted and reliable source in the UK as well as being the most read quality news outlet, and the most popular quality news outlet among younger reader. Thus, the intended readership is native speakers of English in the UK who support any production of a pro-Palestinian translation, and it is expected to possess a sound knowledge of the Arab-Israeli conflict in general and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in particular; yet, it does not have any specialist expertise in the issues being explored

KeyWords : Deal of the Century - The Palestinian Israeli Conflict- Economic Aspects- Pro_Palestinian
Auther: Emad Hamdouna
Item Type : Graduate Project
Subject : Communication Sciences And Languages
Magazine : صفقة القرن في الميزان
Depositing User: : د. سهام عبد الوهاب مصطفى أبو العمرين
Date Deposited : 16 January, 2023
Last Modified : 19 January, 2023